Episode 4 - A Theology of Pop Culture

This episode Dave talks to theologian Dr Matthew Tan and legal scholar Dr Joel Harrison about smurfs, emo Superman, and the religious function of pop-culture.



Episode 3 - Post Truth Politics

This episode Dave talks to interesting people Dr Joel Harrison (law scholar) and Byron Smith (theological ethicist and environmental activist) about the concept of 'post-truth politics.' Can justice prevail without truth?



Episode 2 - The Church and Justice for First Nations Peoples

This week Dave talks to interesting people Brooke Prentis & Tanya Riches from Common Grace’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Justice Team about the Church's role in working towards justice for Australia’s First Nations peoples. For more information about Common Grace go to commongrace.org.au and follow them on Facebook and Twitter @CommonGraceAus.



Episode 1 - Paterson and the poetry of everyday life

In this episode Dave gets to know interesting people Tim Causbrook (Celtic studies scholar) and Phil Wilcox (performance poet) as they discuss Jim Jarmusch's new film Paterson.